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BusinessGro Complete - Marketing

Step 1 - Website


The BusinessGro™ Marketing process is both simple and incredibly powerful. We start you with a fresh new website (or we refresh your existing site) and extend the brand image from this new website throughout your online and offline marketing materials.


Below are base website templates for industries like yours. We can customize any of these templates to exactly fit your brand, products and image. We work directly with you to change, edit and customize every aspect of these templates to ensure you end with the look and feel that best suits your products, services and customers. Don't worry, we do all the work, you just approve, decline or adjust what we build for you. During this process, we basically function as your advertising agency.


Click any template below to launch the viewer and from there, you can launch the full sample website.

Step 2 - Social Media Styling


Once we have completed your website, we are ready to brand your primary social media properties. This step is critical, because in 2015, your customers often start with social media profiles to begin the decision making process on what companies to do business with. It is imperative that you have a vibrant social media presence that is consistent with your brand image and your customer service experience. BusinessGro™ Marketing ensures that your social media presence is on par with your new website and is as fresh as your potential new customers expect.


Following are samples of social media sites branded to follow the website templates above. Click any template below to launch the viewer to browse the social media samples.

Step 3 - Offline Marketing/Advertising Materials


Even though you now have a strong online image, you will still encounter potential customers offline. For this, we develop physical, printed materials that can be handed directly to customers, or left behind for their later use. We design and print 1,000 each of door-hangers, mailable postcards, and rackcards (2-sided Point-of-Sale pieces that can be left on counters, in insurance offices, bulletin boards, etc.) Using the same imagery, and visual schemes as for the online materials, we develop fresh, engaging printed materials.


Following are samples of printed marketing pieces branded to follow the online branded sites above. Click any image below to launch the viewer to browse the samples of printed materials.

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